Integrative therapy
for your whole self.


Hi, I'm Lindsay Kandra.

I'm a Portland counselor and consultant specializing in mindfulness based and performance focused counseling for athletes and yogis. I also provide trainings to movement and wellness professionals that want to improve the services they provide to clients with mental illness or trauma.


Together we’ll explore which mindfulness practices work for you, how you can use mindfulness to support talk therapy, and how you can integrate these practices into each workout, training session, or time on the mat.


Movement and mindfulness are scientifically proven to complement talk therapy, and both improve physical performance when we do it consistently. I can help guide you through integrating therapy with movement practices, both in and out of the therapy session.  

Talk Therapy

I provide a safe, compassionate, and creative environment to explore how you can take charge of your mental health, and change your life, through a combination of talk therapy, movement, and mindfulness.  

Individual Therapy

I work with individuals, both in-person and online, who are ready to take charge of their mental wellness. Together, we’ll integrate movement and mindfulness into talk therapy sessions, and guide you towards lifestyle adjustments that will support the work we do in session.

Professional Training

I work with movement professionals interested in learning to better serve their clients who may deal with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or trauma. We’ll work together to broaden your understanding of mental illness, and help you adopt best practices that support your clients’ mental health.


Learn to care for the whole self.

Do You Want to Be a Trauma-Informed Coach, Teacher or Trainer?
Do You Want to Be a Trauma-Informed Coach, Teacher or Trainer?

Are you a yoga teacher?  Personal Trainer?  Coach?  If yes, this post was written with you in mind.  During the off-season or during recovery cycles, we often ask our athletes to identify areas of improvement and to work on those areas so that they are better equipped to meet their goals.  As...

Online Counseling Brings The Therapist to You
Online Counseling Brings The Therapist to You

My last therapy appointment (yes, your therapist should have a therapist) was about a week ago.  It was scheduled for 4:15pm, which is the time I can usually leave work, and about a 15 minute drive across town.  The day started by leaving my coffee on the hood of my truck in my rush to

Start exploring a new path to
complete wellness.