About me

Hi, I'm Lindsay Kandra.

I'm a counselor and consultant who specializes in incorporating mindfulness, movement, and functional nutrition into talk therapy and everyday life. I believe in a whole life approach to mental wellness, and I work with both individual clients and movement and wellness professionals.

Movement and mindfulness can transform your life.

Like many of my clients, I have struggled with the ups and downs of anxiety and depression for most of my adult life. I came to yoga while undergoing treatment for cancer in 2010, and I developed a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice–a practice that I’ve used to manage my own mental health for years.

By integrating movement and mindfulness into talk therapy, I found a fuller, healthier, and more balanced life. For regular yoga practitioners, we know that yoga helps us feel better. The science is on the mat!

My own experience led me to start geeking out on what neuroscience has discovered about brains, therapy and yoga.  The science matches with my lived experience: movement supports our mental wellness, and it’s an amazing complement to talk therapy.

You’re not alone in this.

Everyone has struggled at some point in their life.  I can help guide you through that struggle. I believe in the integration of talk therapy with movement and mindfulness practices, both in and out of the therapy session.  

I provide a safe, compassionate, and creative space to talk openly, and to practice the movement, resourcing and mindfulness practices that you can take with you when you leave session.

I am passionate about helping people understand how they can change their brains and lives. I’m here to help you discover new resourcing and mindfulness practices, and bring them into everyday life.

Let’s begin exploring together.

Are you ready to explore mental wellness for through caring for your whole self? Let’s begin with a 15-minute phone or online introduction, so we can explore working together and see if we’re the right fit.



Registered Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern in the State of Oregon

RYT 200 by Yoga Alliance, through Wild Thing Yoga, Bend, OR

Trauma-Informed Yoga Training though 8 Limbs Yoga, Seattle, WA

Completion of training in Psychological First Aid

Individual Therapy

I work with individuals, both in-person and online, who are ready to take charge of their mental wellness. Together, we’ll integrate movement and mindfulness into talk therapy sessions, and guide you towards lifestyle adjustments that will support the work we do in session.

Professional Training

I work with movement professionals interested in learning to better serve their clients who may deal with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or trauma. We’ll work together to broaden your understanding of mental illness, and help you adopt best practices that support your clients’ mental health.