Online Counseling Brings The Therapist to You

Online Counseling Brings The Therapist to You
Online Counseling Brings The Therapist to You

My last therapy appointment (yes, your therapist should have a therapist) was about a week ago.  It was scheduled for 4:15pm, which is the time I can usually leave work, and about a 15 minute drive across town.  The day started by leaving my coffee on the hood of my truck in my rush to get clocked in 15 minutes early.   Lost the coffee, broke my favorite Hydroflask mug. 

Made it through a stressful day, and was clocked out and on the road at 4:05pm.  Got caught in school bus traffic near a local high school cross country meet.  Every stoplight was red.  I couldn’t find parking for my beast of a vehicle in the parking lot.  By the time I’m in the chair facing my therapist, I’m 5 minutes late.  Then it takes me about 15 minutes to calm down and focus.  That left only 30 minutes to really get down to business. 

Compare that to an online session I had the following day with a colleague to discuss a joint project.  We live in different cities and work on different schedules, so finding time to collaborate has been a challenge.  I’ve been working hard to demonstrate my expertise in the project’s subject area, which is (for me) just as anxiety provoking as going to therapy. 

Five minutes before the start of our session, I found a quiet, private place to set up, warmed up my tea, and reviewed my notes.  I was relaxed, focused, and ready to work.  Once the chat started, we had a full 60 minutes of productive conversation and planning.  No time or energy was wasted transitioning from drive mode to work mode…and there was no rush to end the session to leave for the next commitment.  

What if therapy came to you, where and when you need it?  In your living room after the kids go to bed?  On a Saturday morning in your pajamas?  At lunch in a quiet corner of your workplace?

What if you didn’t have to drive two hours to treatment or worry about getting stuck in rush hour traffic?   What if you could have easy access to therapy during cancer treatment? 

I started Three Peaks Wellness because I wanted to help busy Oregonians, and Oregonians in rural areas, solve their problems with flexible and convenient access to holistic online counseling. I offer appointments on evenings and weekends, and the length of sessions is based on client need: 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes.  

If you would like to explore working together, I provide 15-20 minute phone and online consultations.  Please visit my homepage and click on “Make an Appointment”.  


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    Posted October 17, 2018 3:29 pm

    Online therapy … it seems like an obvious solution to a common problem. What if you are so busy/tired/sick that driving to your counseling appointment seems overwhelming? It seems to me that that is when therapy is most necessary, and least available, unless someone like you is forward-thinking enough to offer it. Well done Lindsay!

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